Northrepps Historical Researches


Norfolk County Records Office, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich

Banns 1823-1870   PD 707/8

Banns, 1819-1823, 1871-1964 1819-1964   PD 707/15

Banns 1964-2009   PD 707/29

Registration papers nd [1812]-nd [early 21st century]     

Banns certificate and requests to publish banns, removed from PD 707/5. nd [1812] PD 707/9

Marriage licences for Charles Aldous and Margaret Cook, 1933, and for George Springell and Lucy Clarke, 1934PD 707/16

General Register Office circular regarding fees for certificates and searches in marriage registers, 1952, with notes of marriage fees, nd [20th century], and copy photograph of Violet Gould, who was married in 1901 at Northrepps, nd [2002-2007]        1952-nd [early 21st century]     PD 707/18

Letter from Reuben Pardon of Sutton, Surrey, requesting a copy of his baptism certificate 1917            PD 707/19

Church and benefice         1839-1990  

Register of services            1939-1954   PD 707/30

Register of services            1954-1967   PD 707/31

Register of services            1968-1990   PD 707/32

Terriers, 1894, 1933, 1941, 1947 (supplementary)            1894-1947   PD 707/20

Northrepps tithe map, 1840, with apportionment, 1839  1839-1840   PD 707/21

Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor   1729-1786  

Northrepps town book    1729-1786   PD 707/33

Historical notes nd [late 19th century-20th century]         

Brief list of contents of PD 707/2, with page numbers nd [mid-late 20th century]    PD 707/10

Notes on the Carr or Care family from the first Northrepps parish register nd [late 19th century-20th century]          PD 707/22

Note on the death and burial of Revd Samuel Cresswell of Northrepps, nd [c 1904] and rough genealogical notes on the Ellis family in the 18th century, nd [20th century] nd [20th century] PD 707/23